California Premarital Agreements Attorney

When individuals are contemplating marriage, many choose to structure their financial relationship in advance.  To do so, they need a premarital agreement to address ownership of property, spousal support in the event of divorce, and, sometimes, even provisions for inheritance of property on death. Married couples can also enter into Postmarital Agreements for this purpose.

Instead of having a marriage governed by the automatic rules of California community property law, with Premarital and Postmarital Agreements, couples can determine on their own what property ownership structure will apply to them during their particular marriage. Property ownership issues that are frequently addressed include ownership of existing businesses and management of any joint property the couple creates.

Instead of having California law govern spousal support on divorce, couples can provide for the amount and length of spousal support that may apply to them, if any.  However, these provisions may be reviewed by a Court for overall fairness at the time of divorce.

Finally, premarital agreements can provide for waivers of inheritance rights, and create “contracts to make a will” that determine inheritance of property if a spouse dies while the couple is married.

To have a valid Premarital Agreement, California law requires that certain formalities in the negotiation and execution of the agreement be complied with.  Each individual should be represented by his/her own attorney during negotiations and execution of these Agreements.  There are also financial disclosure provisions that must be complied with 

We at Kleeman Kremen Family Lawyers specialize in the preparation and negotiation of Premarital Agreements and Postmarital Agreements.  We not only prepare Agreements to comply with California law, but work with lawyers from other jurisdictions to assure that a couple owning property in different states or countries will have the legal protections they need.

In the event of divorce,  we represent our clients in enforcing these Agreements, or setting them aside in appropriate situations.

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