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Kleeman Kremen Family Lawyers has over 70 years of combined family law legal experience in complex marital and partnership dissolutions.  We bring to our clients a deep understanding of the law, extensive experience in the courtroom and well-honed negotiation skills. 


We value, and practice, all forms dispute resolution in a dissolution case:  mediation, collaboration and litigation.  We are committed to meeting the client’s preferences and needs while protecting and safeguarding the best interests of children and preserving our clients’ fair share of community property, as well as their separate estates.


What issues arise in a marital dissolution case?  

Property division

  • Division of community property including the valuation and allocation of property of all kinds – businesses, residential and commercial real property, intellectual property, investments and retirement assets, complex forms of incentive and deferred compensation.
  • Confirmation of the separate property one spouse
  • Division of marital debts and confirmation of certain debts to one spouse based on breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Reimbursement claims for misuse of the community estate, investments of separate property into the community estate, and expenditures post-separation 

Spousal Support

  • Spousal support orders and modifications 

Child Custody and Support

  • Child custody and visitation orders
  • Post-Judgment modification of child custody
  • Move away cases including international moves involving the Hague convention on child custody
  • Interstate child custody jurisdiction cases
  • Child support orders
  • Post-judgment modification of child support orders


Premarital and Post-marital Property Agreements  

  • Pre and post-marital agreements for the disposition of property often affect the outcome of divorce cases.  We construe, apply, and litigate their meaning and application in marital dissolution matters.
  • Marital Property Agreements determining ownership of property, often combined with estate plans 
  • Post-marital agreements
  • Co-habitation agreements     

Alternative Approaches to Handling a Divorce 

  • Divorce mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Domestic partnership dissolution


Divorce mediation


We are effective family law mediators, offering parties the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement in a structured setting through with the assistance of trained facilitator.  We serve as both mediators, and consulting attorneys to mediation.  The mediation process fosters cooperation between partners, and can remove the uncertainty and high costs associated with litigation.  


Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative Divorce is an alternative method to resolve a divorce, with the aid of attorneys, financial and child custody professionals, and even therapists, all committed to aiding in the process of resolution – without litigation.  This intensive, and effective, approach to divorce is an alternative that parties should consider.  Feel free to discuss this, and other methods of dispute resolution with us.


Divorce Litigation


Sometimes, litigation is necessary to reach a fair resolution of a family’s dispute. Through careful preparation and with a professional courtroom presence, we successfully represent clients throughout the litigation process from discovery, through trial preparation, settlement efforts and, if necessary, a trial.  Few of our cases proceed to a trial on all issues, and sometimes issues are severed and tried while others are settled. We are prepared to handle the complex  procedural aspects of your divorce, with focus and attention to detail, so that our clients obtain the most favorable outcome.


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