Areas of Practice

  • Divorce
    We handle dissolution matters involving property division, child and spousal support, child custody and attorney fees. These cases include complex business valuation, divorce taxation, real and intellectual property issues, and compensation determinations.
  • Premarital Agreements
    We prepare and negotiate Premarital Agreements, Post-Marital Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements. These Agreements address property ownership and support rights both during a relationship and when the relationship terminates by separation or divorce.
  • Parentage
    We represent individuals in establishing parentage, child support and child custody orders. Our clients include biological, adoptive and presumed parents seeking a role in the life of their child.
  • Restraining Orders
    We represent clients seeking domestic violence restraining orders to protect themselves from abuse and clients seeking civil harassment restraining orders to protect themselves from the actions of unrelated individuals.

Litigate • Collaborate • Mediate

The goal of Kleeman • Kremen Family Lawyers is to resolve family law matters with a methodology that is appropriate for our client’s situation – litigation, collaboration or mediation. Our focus is to provide a pragmatic solution that is fair and efficient without compromising the well-being of our clients.

Since 1983 we have been helping clients through divorce and other family law matters.  Our knowledge of divorce tax and valuation principles assures our clients an equitable property division.  Our experience analyzing cash flow and support law principles promotes a fair resolution of our clients' support disputes. Our superior understanding of the psychological and legal principles underlying child custody gives our clients an advantage in resolving their custody matters.  We apply our experience and knowledge in the negotiation of premarital, postmarital and cohabitation agreements that implement our clients vision for their relationship.

We partner with our clients: educating them on their legal choices and the best process to use to resolve their family law matter.  We support our clients through an emotionally difficult time of life. From the first confidential conversation to the final resolution, our clients are confident that we have performed with the utmost professionalism.

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